The Taste Buds Behind The Reviews

Evan Mua (@indulgentism)

Evan Mua

Evan Mua is a food/lifestyle writer who pursued this career path due to his fascination with all the exhilarating flavours you can find in Singapore and also for the higher purpose of illuminating the many deserving F&B’s that may have gone under the radar.

Food reviewing is his main creative outlet, which first started during his internship on the lifestyle and culture sections of Buro.Singapore, and now at his day job as a writer at fledgling lifestyle site Confirm Good.

The rest of his time is spent on hipster favourites like listening to music and producing it, film photography, reading thought-provoking books, writing satirical poetry and also indulging in Netflix at home or appreciating films at the local indie cinema. 

This passion for food extends from homely hawker food to fine dining restaurants. His absolute loves in life are hokkien mee, sourdough bread, and ramen. He is also being a huge coffee lover (ironically with low caffeine tolerance) and self-proclaimed functioning alcoholic.

You can check out some of his favourite places here.

For any collaborations or job queries, contact him here.