My Favourites List

This is a section on some of my favourite restaurants, cafes, and bars in Singapore that I feel everyone should know. It’s generally updated once a year and you can get a good overview of the best places in Singapore, according to me, without having to trawl through all my long food reviews.

Best Restaurants in Singapore

  • Restaurant JAG — A stupidly memorable French Omakase that was orchestrated like a beautiful symphony, marked by an incredible Pigeon dish as its stellar sapidity-loaded crescendo and articulately justifying their Michelin Star.

Best Bars in Singapore

  • best bars singapore native
    Native — A flawless interpretation of flavours native to the region, articulately and ingeniously infused into mould-breaking concoctions that range from a funky Oyster Omelette to a perfectly balanced, but still esoteric, Pineapple Arrack

Best Hawker Food in Singapore

  • Hill Street Tai Hwa — Probably one of the few hawker stalls I would queue an hour for, No one can resist their perfect bowls of bouncy noodles, piquant vinegar, and moreish chilli. There's a reason they are the only hawker stall to have a Michelin Star accolade.

Best Casual Dining in Singapore

  • Wild Child Pizzette — Simply one of the most satisfying pizzeria experiences in Singapore, churning out astounding discs of doughy goodness including a mind-blowingly decadent fried Margherita.

Best Coffee houses in Singapore

  • Apartment Coffee — As a coffee snob, no cafe has won my heart like this beautiful minimalistic outfit. Their ever-changing selection of coffee always satisfies; one of my best cuppas ever was one from them with champagne grape notes.

Best Desserts & Bakes in Singapore

  • best desserts queic
    Queic by Olivia — Following Olivia Restaurant's wild success with their burnt cheesecake, they decided to set up a speciality shop dedicated to all things cheesecake. You can get either a taste of the dreamily creamy classic burnt cheesecake or the exceedingly smoky Idizabal Burnt Cheesecake.