sonny's pizza chef
A fine dining chef who has worked at some of the top restaurants in Hong Kong in the past decade before moving to Singapore to open a casual NY pizza joint.
machetazo mezcal founder
The founder of handcrafted artisan Mezcal brand Machetazo, whose passion for the authentic Mexican spirit drove him to start the brand.
charlotte kwok
The eccentric young woman behind Chockywoky is a baking enthusiast, skilled food photographer, and all-around glutton.
The viral instagram phenomenon that highlights the good, the bad, and the crazy sides of the Singapore service industry.
thefussyfoodie brian bong
The No. 1 fussy foodie in Singapore, an imaginative food photographer, and visionary food artist.
nobelle liew chocolatetbasil
The feisty, food-loving creative behind Chocolat et Basil, freelance food photographer, and skilled home cook.
junior lim aeropress champion singapore
Former 2019 Singapore Aeropress Champion, rookie cafe owner, and coffee lover.