Entre-Nous Creperie Warms the Heart with Simple and Homely Authenticity

French in Singapore is commonly associated with leanings of grandeur and a mis-en-sense of tables set with starched white linen — but that doesn’t have to be the case. Entre-Nous Creperie demonstrates that the rustic, homely side of French food divorced from all the frou-frou has its charm too.

There is so much candour to be found in this intimate bistro at Beach Road in the simple grey tiled floors, the no-frills black furniture, and a stripped-down white paint job.

There are paintings and fishing nets affixed to the wall to evoke imagery of the owners’ hometown of Brittany but it’s tasteful and earnestly simple. Considering how Crepe has become a trendy cafe food in recent years, Entre Nous Creperies’ down-to-earth home elicits plenty of endearment.

Perfect Crispy Galette 

entre nous creperie

To give the most authentic recount of Brittany, Entre-Nous Creperie’s crispy Galettes are made with organic buckwheat flour flown over from Brittany. Given a sprawling menu with 17 choices, it took some deliberating before settling on the hearty La Ouessant ($21.90).

Paper-thin sheets of crackling flour enveloped an ensemble of ham, Emmental cheese, mushrooms and a rich cream sauce, with only the warm orange disposition of the yolk peeking out through the centre.

entre nous creperie review

Just with a brush of the fork against the edges, you get the most melodious reverberation to indicate how crispy Entre-Nous Creperie made their crepes. It gets softer towards the middle where the cream sauce pools but still remained delightfully light to chew on as the elegant medley of creaminess and lightly funky cheese plays counterpoint to the savoury ham.

Supple, Weightless Crepe

entre nous creperie

Once done with the savouries, it’s only apt to reward yourself with one of the sweets on Entre-Nous Creperie’s menu. Most permutations were kept rather simple but the Geraldine’s Favourite’s ($15.40) homemade salted caramel and vanilla ice cream jumped out.

In contrast to the Galettes, the flour sweet crepe was blissfully supple and pillowy, sporting just the most weightless mouthfeel. That lightness is what makes it work so well with the rest of the ensemble where the homemade salted caramel strutted with luscious and toasty comfort.

entre nous creperie

The apples were cooked to great softness and only carried the lightest tartness to gently cut through the heaviness of the caramel. The vanilla ice cream came with small black specks — that’s when you know vanilla ice cream is good. It helped add an additional layer of texture with this cold creaminess and that elegant kiss of vanilla. A dish that’s simple but so well-executed and most importantly, so comforting.

Does Entre-Nous Creperie make the best crepes in Singapore? I haven’t tried enough to make a deciding judgment but the homely, comforting textures and flavours transported straight from Britanny elicit a resounding “yes” from me.

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Entre-Nous Creperie


  • Address: 27 Seah St, #01-01, Singapore 188383
  • Hours: (Tue–Fri) 12pm–2:30pm, 6pm–9:30pm (Sat) 11am–3pm, 6pm–9:30pm, (Sun) 11am–4:30pm

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