The Revitalised Humpack at Bukit Pasoh is sleek, modish, and a whale of a time

There are certain stalwart restaurants that are articulately representative of the locale. To me, Humpback is one of the most fitting examples — the seafood specialist has had its roots spread far and wide throughout Bukit Pasoh and its vibe was wholly indicative of the area’s dining scene.

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singapore cocktail festival

Singapore Cocktail Festival 2023 Blog: A Festival Village Retrospect

Last weekend, the three-day-long Singapore Cocktail Festival unfolded right at the foot of the iconic Marina Bay Sands, condensed into a 7,400sq m tented festival village made to house guest shifts and brand showcases from all quarters of the world.

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atlas best bars singapore

Atlas is a Bar that intoxicates everyone with the most splendorous ambience in Singapore

Not all that glitters is gold. Nonetheless, Atlas’ splendour is pure bliss for the senses. It’s not an audacious claim to say that no other bar in Singapore is as recognisable as the Parkview Square anchor unit with all its gilded majesty.

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