sonny's pizza chef

If You’ll Indulge Me: Son Pham, The Fine Dining Chef Who Opened Singapore’s Best NY Pizza Joint

Singapore is a city with an amazing draw for many of the best chefs around the world, who fly in to take charge of the swankiest concepts and Michelin-starred establishments. Contrary to most, Chef Son Pham, who’s a seasoned chef with diverse global experience, is an interesting case — his chief trade here is as the chef-owner of a humble NY-style pizza joint. Continue reading “Profile: Son Pham, The Fine Dining Chef Who Opened a Pizza Joint in Singapore”

machetazo mezcal founder

If You’ll Indulge Me: Rosendo Zambrano, The Man Behind Machetazo’s Artisan Mezcal Soul

Singapore’s bar scene is flourishing — for a diminutive red dot, we command a lot of prestige on the world stage. Unsurprisingly, many chic artisan spirit distillers seek to venture here and one of the most exciting entrants is Machetazo, founded by Rosendo Zambrano in Mexico. Continue reading “Profile: Rosendo Zambrano, The Man Behind Machetazo’s Artisan Mezcal Soul”

charlotte kwok

If You’ll Indulge Me: Charlie Kwok, Tastemaking Baking Enthusiast Chockywoky Exudes a Youthful Vibrance

Having been a prominent member of the Singapore food blogger scene since an unbelievably young age of fourteen, Charlotte “Charlie” Kwok or @chockywoky, is a familiar name to numerous foodies — especially those who adore all things pastry. Continue reading “Profile: Charlie Kwok, the Spectacularly Youthful Tastemaker Chockywoky”

If You’ll Indulge Me:, Bringing Solidarity & Hope to Singapore Service Through Shared Stories 

“Service is a calling” is a mantra that many service staff may agree with. But sometimes, it could also be a spam call that’s just an inane, even torturous, cacophony that drives you crazy. At least, that’s what the anecdotes on the popular Instagram page tell us.

Continue reading “Profile: on the Good, the Bad, and the Insanity of F&B Service”

thefussyfoodie brian bong

If you’ll indulge me: Brian Xavier Bong, Singapore’s Fussy Foodie Photographer with an Articulate Artistic Vision

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words” — and Brian Xavier Bong, aka @thefussyfoodie_, is probably one of the most articulate communicators in the world of food photography. To him, capturing food is an unconscious bodily process, much like breathing. Continue reading “Profile: Brian Bong, Fussy Foodie & Imaginative Food Photographer”

nobelle liew chocolatetbasil

If You’ll Indulge Me: Nobelle Liew, the Feisty, Tattoo-Etched Creative Driving Chocolat et Basil With Passion

Nobelle Liew, more affectionately known within the food scene as @chocolatetbasil (“Chocolat et Basil”, i.e. chocolate and basil in French, and not Chocolate Basil), is a content creator lauded for her sharp photography and intricate detailing of her best meals while eating her way through Singapore. Continue reading “Profile: Nobelle Liew, Food Blogger & Food Photographer Behind Chocolat et Basil”

junior lim aeropress champion singapore

If You’ll Indulge Me: Junior Lim, Barista Owner of Rookie’s Coffee Shop

Baristas have always possessed a sort of devil-may-care mystique to me. “How cool would it be to be a barista?” I sometimes mused to myself while observing the maestros at work behind the counter. Now, I have Junior Lim in front of me living the dream, not only becoming a barista but also setting up his own Rookie’s Coffee Shop earlier this year. Read the full review here. Continue reading “Profile: Junior Lim, Barista Owner of Rookie’s Coffee Shop”