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Section D — A couple’s Love for Cocktails Distilled Into A Home Bar in Quiet Sengkang

I first met Dannon, co-proprietor of Section D with his wife Jamie, during his tenure as Editor of SG Magzine. Built on a wealth of experience at multiple lifestyle magazines, including his new baby Spill Mag, his profound understanding and deep-seated love for all things alcohol are deeply infectious.

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Parliament Brings Groovy Retro American Bar Bustle to Keong Saik

A bar with a name like “Parliament” would probably conjure up mental images of a stately classics bar where a troupe of besuited bartenders were rooted behind the bar while adroitly decanting Martinis into spiffy conical glasses.
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The Bar Kakure Experience underscores Precision and Balance in Classic Cocktails

I hesitantly stepped into the lush wood-accented waiting area of Ki-Sho, an upmarket Japanese Omakase restaurant, in search of “The Bar Kakure” dressed in my casual ensemble of t-shirt and pants. Doubts rushed in as I started wondering whether I had unwittingly bumbled my way into the wrong building on this side of Orchard Road.
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25 degrees

25 Degrees Is A Gem That Occassionally Makes the Best DamnED Burger in Singapore

I’d just come to terms with my frightening rate of ageing, as I sit here writing this introduction. Damn, my first visit to 25 Degrees was in 2016 when I still sussing out Singapore’s busy food scene and before Indulgentism was even an idea in my head. Continue reading “25 Degrees Singapore”

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Republic Bar’s brand of Mixology Playfully Flirts with Nostalgia

An amble through the stately corridors of The Ritz Carlton’s ground floor is quite the voyage. Coming in from the West Wing, you’re greeted first by the venerated two Michelin-star Summer Pavillion, then the eternal favourite of Colony, before you stand face to face with the grandiose new concept, the one-year-old Republic Bar.
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perfect pairing by martell singapore menu

Martell Concocts the Perfect Pairing With Top Singapore Restaurants like Featherblade, Madame Fan & More

Here’s a chance for you to see alcohol pairings in a whole different light — Perfect Pairing by Martell is the glitzy new collaboration between Martell and Singapore’s hottest restaurants, which aims to break that mould of chasing sophisticated dishes with wines whose names most of us are likely to mispronounce.
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gibson review

Gibson’s new Chimera Menu Proves it’s Still the liveliest Bar in The Jigger & Pony Family

When you think of a bartender, most people would either think “stoic professional in a classy waistcoat” or “hipster showman emblazoned with tattoos“. What if I told you, there’s a place where the bartenders are a hybrid of the two? Introducing Gibson, a hidden bar that’s a member of the Jigger & Pony family.
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Negroni Week 2022 comes with 10 Refined Negroni Riffs to mark its 10th anniversary in Singapore

To many, the Negroni is one of the most iconic drinks to have graced the bar industry, regularly mentioned in the same breath as titans such as the Old Fashioned and Martini. Fittingly, we celebrate the tipple every year with a lively affair, the Negroni Week, which returns for its 10th instalment in 2022.
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flor de cana

Exploring Zero-Waste Cocktails on a Flor De Cana Bar Crawl in Singapore

“Sustainability” is a concept that has left the bar scene rather divided on its feasibility. Some think sustainability is a hollow buzzword meant for virtue signalling, others think it’s a practice that educates on the paramount rituals of cutting down on waste.
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tezarekt random cocktail generator ju95

Chaos Ensues with Tezarekt’s Random Cocktail Generator at JU95 Izakaya

Sometimes, drinking doesn’t need to come with all the ornate embellishments and finesse that comes with bars that rank among the World’s 50 Best. Our best nights are those where memories are hazy and tequila shots are muddled into our bloodstream.
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