ju hua tai singapore

Chinese Flavours Glammed Up at Modern Bar JU Hua TAi

Ju Hua Tai is very different from its Chinese cuisine ilk. I remember my aunts and uncles praising Chinese restaurants’ cooking as being “homely” when I was young, and that was etched into my core as dogma that good Chinese restaurants are supposed to taste like home. Continue reading “Ju Hua Tai”

restaurant JAG singapore french omakase review

Restaurant JAG’s SUmmer Omakase Menu is a magnificent Crescendoing Symphony 

After a light-hearted prologue at Flow Bar which saw us sauntering with added spring in our steps, we were ushered to the ground floor for the marque event — the French Omakase ($298++) at 1 Michelin Star Restaurant JAG.

Continue reading “Restaurant JAG”

flow bar review singapore ricky paiva

Flow Bar is a cosy lounge where you go with Ricky Paiva’s flow

Manhattan is possibly one of the most iconic cocktail bars in Singapore, sitting at No. 6 in the World’s 50 Best Asia 50 Best Bars. But cocktail aficionados would also be familiar with Ricky Paiva, one of the legends who spearheaded them in earlier days, and now heads the new Flow Bar at Duxton. Continue reading “Flow Bar”