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Idyllic Ami Patisserie revels in the beauty of Japanese-style pastry

The art of pastry. Full of intricacies and wrought with a need for delicacy. The simpler the pastry, the more finesse it demands for a truly outstanding outcome. Few rise to those stipulations even in this flourishing local cafe scene, but it seems newcomer Ami Patisserie could be the next in line. 

ami patisserie review

More precisely, this is the physical cafe of Ami Patisserie, a perennial plaudit magnet on social media since its genesis as an online-only patisserie in 2021.

Behind the scenes was Chef Ami Makoto, a versed pastry master who formerly shouldered the demands of crafting pastries for the opulent Marina Bay Sands and Michelin-starred Japanese fusion outfit Beni.

ami patisserie

Despite its nascency —only opened in mid-January— the cafe has seemingly been lavish with praise for its Japanese-influenced interpretation of classic European pastries.

All that is complemented by a resplendent dining experience, as Ami Patisserie finds itself ensconced in a quiet colonial bungalow estate just a few minutes stray from Newton and Orchard.

Everything is contained snuggly within the confines of a cosy Kyoto-style townhouse, minimalist with an angular sharpness to it and clad in fluted wooden walls on the facade.

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Inside, a svelte Japandi ambience fills the space as the clean, subfusc whites and glossy marble are seamlessly coupled with the handsome wooden beams.

An idyllic view adds to the grandeur, as diners bask in the quaint backdrop of a lush green garden, where a legion of terracotta statues stand guard ahead of a lone cottage that sits quietly at the back of the estate.

Elegance and more elegance

ami patisserie best croissants singapore

Even with its outward exquisiteness, Ami Patisserie’s menu is surprisingly varied and studded with affordable viennoiseries amidst the pages of ornate creations.

As it stands, Chef Ami’s interpretation of the time-honoured French Croissant ($5.80) might be one of the most remarkable ones around — the tapestry of coves and layers of relentless flakes would hit the mark for most croissant enthusiasts. 

Other than the pristine texture, this croissant is also more sizeable than usual and unleashed a dose of delectable toastiness to give it some extra oomph over a mere buttery fragrance.

ami patisserie choux

More Japanese influences can also be found in the tantalising Uji Matcha Kinako Choux ($11), where a rich medley of earthy matcha, toasty kinako and white chocolate are sheathed in a light and airy choux shell.

If flavours are an imperative factor in enjoying the choux, Ami Patisserie would not disappoint in the slightest as the plush cream steals most of the attention in this ensemble.

But the choux also deserves some praise for the texture — though the teasing chewiness could be elevated with just a gentle touch of crunch. Hence. I might lean towards the simpler and more affordable cream puff icons from Pantler or Baristart.

ami patisserie review

Similar to the previous two, the artistry in Ami Patisserie’s Kuri Mont Blanc ($20) was exemplary as well, presented with dainty ribbons of kuri vermicelli draped over a cream and buttery biscuit base.

The Japanese chestnut was a sublime substitution — compared to the usual chestnut, this Mont Blanc was even more elegantly sweet and aromatic.

Building on that fabulous kuri profile, there wasn’t a hint of saccharine in that crisp sweetness and a quenelle of Nikka whisky ice cream is also left at the side, capable of adding a balmy kiss of malt to accent that distinctly earthy kuri richness.

ami patisserie

Although it’s still a few hairs away from perfection, there’s no doubt Ami Patisserie is one of the most refined patisseries to pop up in Singapore’s cafe scene in recent times. 

Moreover, this experience was not the most holistic way to indulge in Ami Patisserie’s pastries yet, as Chef Ami also curates a Chef’s Table Discovery Experience (S$118) to show off his creative expression through the pastry, in both sweet and savoury styles.

Even ignoring that, this is a cafe that nonetheless embodies both finesses in craft and elegance in ambience. If you foresee any grievances over the more elevated prices, the quality might assuage you — just avoid the more ostentatious Omakase.

Ami Patisserie

Website | FacebookInstagram

  • Address: 27 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228222
  • Hours: (Wed–Fri) 11:30am to 6pm, (Sat–Sun) 11am to 6pm



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