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Fairmont Singapore’s Anti:dote Bar proves drinking is the Antidote with new Cure-All menu

Although it would be wildly irresponsible to suggest alcohol as a feasible remedy for ailments, it’s also hard to argue against intoxication’s positive effect on mood. At least, that’s the cheeky innuendo suggested by Fairmont Singapore’s lobby bar, Antidote.

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Heralded during the 2010s as one of the absolute best bars in Singapore and Asia, and known as the stronghold of bartending legends such as Bannie Kang, the Fairmont Hotel lobby bar has seen a bit of resurgence in recent times.

2023 sees Antidote’s leadership refresh with new blood injected into the gilded lobby lounge, as Head Mixologist Kingston Chin is thrust right to the helm of the drawing board, with blueprints being drafted up to bring the bar back in the cross-hairs of discerning imbibers.

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While these new beginnings weren’t marked by any grandiose or flamboyant decor modifications, the most important change was that Antidote’s mixology was given a radical facelift through a new menu.

Aptly titled the “Cure:All Menu”, the menu is an endeavour by Kingston and his team to bring the bar back to its roots as an establishment with “antidotes” — but with their idiosyncratic twists.

Soothing the blues

antidote bar cocktail menu

Playing on the cure-all suggestion, Antidote’s cocktails borrow heavily from cultures all over the world, putting spotlights on everything from TCM remedies to old wives’ guarantees.

Travelling to ancient China, the Ancient Love Affair ($25), an exotic potion featuring roselle kombucha and a potent red-dates-infused baijiu as its base, along with gin.

The distinct savoury twang of the baijiu bleeds seamlessly into the gin and roselle florals, then spiked with a batch of aromatised wine for a sweet but sharp finishing touch.

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Riffing on cordial as a vitality booster in Italy, the What Do You Want?! ($25) is an enthrallingly wild rebalance of the White Negroni, soothing the soul with florals and complexity.

Bearing the same mixology intricacies in Antidote’s baijiu-focused hero, this uses a rum base that’s topped with milk-washed elderflower suze, pear cordial and sparkling sakura aromatised wine.

The esoteric components skew it more floral and vibrant while still stained with a charming dab of that herbaceous gentian dryness, though showing more finesse in balance as compared to the classic.

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With Malaysian blood running through Kingston’s veins, it was inadvertent to see regional influences in the mixology and Antidote’s Pandan Everywhere ($25) uses a familiar staple to comforting effect.

Less complex than the former two but still hiding plenty of nuances, it blends cognac with pandan coconut fat-washed rum, gula melaka, clarified milk tea, and spices. The result is a hearty and carefully balanced product that exultantly showcases the aromatic properties of pandan.

Added Nourishment

antidote bar food menu

Antidote’s resurgence is constructed on two operations working in tandem: one in Kingston and the team’s mixological machinations, and the other in Senior Sous Chef Jacky Lai’s ability to craft a creative tapas menu.

As with the eclecticism in the tipples, the food is marked by varying fusion touches, such as in the Hokkaido Scallop Dumpling ($24), a straightforwardly indulgent and silky package of sweet scallops and daikon, funky tom yum and exuberant caviar.

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The appreciation of Japanese elements in Antidote’s Asian-fusion tapas continues with the smoky spectacle of Smoked Flamingo Tea Hamachi ($24), built around a mound of rich cured hamachi.

A one-bite umami WMD, everything culminates euphorically when the smoke, crackling potato nest, and opulent caviar provide a rock-hard buttress to the fish, with everything tastefully layered over by lashings of yuzu ponzu zest.

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Not cutting loose on the decadence, the larcenous Aburi Burrata ($28) followed in blistering pursuit. There are no bells and whistles, just hot and creamy melted burrata adorned with chives oil and leopard spots.

However, once the molten cheese is loaded onto the perfect conduit of thin bread? What ensues is a riotous explosion of flavours and textures.

As I left stuffed and inebriated, memories of my last visit ran through my mind — the current Antidote has made exaggeratedly huge steps from 2021.

Maybe it’ll take some time for the Fairmont Singapore lobby bar to get back to its heyday but as far as this visit has shown, it has the potential — as long as the current crop of new blood is allowed to comfortably grow.

You can also make reservations for the bar here.


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  • Address: 80 Bras Basah Rd, Level 1 Fairmont Hotel Singapore, Singapore 189560
  • Hours: (Mon–Sat) 12pm–2:30pm, 3pm–5pm, 5:30pm–1am

*This was an invited tasting.


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