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Live Twice is a Chic Bar with Dreamy Japanese Vibes, Sandos & Elegant Tipples

A narrow pathway led inward. Slightly cramped and dimly lit. Four steps in, eyes get arrested by glimpses of a soft tangerine glow spilling in from the right. Dignified wooden counters rest slightly above the waist, bathing in a warmth wafted by gentle overhanging lights. You’ve arrived at Live Twice.

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A modern interpretation of the vintage bar archetype, but moody and picturesque enough to frame like a scene from a Wong Kar Wai film.

Sitting down is easy. The spine finds supple, welcoming support and instinctually sinks, relaxedly, into the plush seats scattered about Live Twice space, embracing you with a cosy comfort that feels like you’re in a Japanese bachelor’s lounge.

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The waitstaff attends mere moments after, with the personable warmth that the Jigger & Pony Group is renowned for but also with slick precision. Then drinks were promptly served.

Simplicity, Twice

The drinks menu is a perfect embodiment of simplicity by Live Twice. Many of the tipples are crafted with no more than three ingredients to let the elegance of mixology shine through.

live twice menu

The selection is a smart juxtaposition between the sides of classics and modern creations, to allow for both spectrums of creativity and tradition to coexist in the stately space.

Live Twice’s signature drink is indubitably the Vesper ($25), an iconic cocktail popularised by James Bond, aptly assigned #007 on the order chit here. The pristinely smooth mix, the ruthless sting, and the endearing dryness. That’s its charm.

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It smoulders with elegance, with intimacy — warming your weary, empty core. It’s like a heavy-hitting massage for the soul. The world seems a little bit hazier, and a bit more merciful, for those few moments right when it hits.

On the flip side of the menu, the Quiet Inlet ($25) is a sublime representation of Live Twice’s reinterpretation of minimalism. Using just three ingredients, first, you’re welcome by a lightly sweet and fruity concoction elegantly amalgamated from umeshu and rum.

live twice quiet inlet

Then granny smith apple bled, ever so slightly, into the mixture and imbued an understated sour vibrancy, ideally complementary to the spirit base. As the name suggests, it’s a gentle drink meant to evoke an air of introspective zen.

Twice the Gratification

While already feeling like a dream, Live Twice makes it even dreamier with blissful bites of their signature Wagyu Katsu Sando ($44). Unelaborate, stripped-down, and a shining poster boy for minimalism. And one of the best beef sandos in Singapore that will give full-fledged restaurants a run for their money.

live twice beef sando review

Lasered in on showcasing the specimen of beef, a humble quartet swung with grace and splendour. Juicy licks of beefy flavour from roseate pink meat, a booming crackle of panko, a sleight of piquancy from the tonkatsu sauce, and soft pillowy shokupan bread to tie everything together.

It’s always comforting to be able to thoroughly indulge in a decadent treat that’s unencumbered by excessive pizzazz and, ultimately, easy to appreciate.

live twice bar

That, in itself, is the crux of the Live Twice experience. Understated, timeless, classy. A touch of flair could serve to elevate the drinks but as it stands, this is the minimalist sanctuary for souls who prefer unconvoluted concoctions to soothe over their tiring week.

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Live Twice

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  • Address: #18-20 Bukit Pasoh Rd, Singapore 089834
  • Hours: (Sun–Mon, Wed–Thurs) 6pm–12am, (Fri–Sat) 6pm–2am

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