platform cafe review

Platform is an idyllic Refuge from Singapore’s Wearying Pace

It was an impulse that led me into this monochrome cafe nestled in the culture-rich enclave of Telok Ayer. My gaze was inadvertently arrested by Platform’s pulchritudinous stylings that called out to me as I passed it. Continue reading “Platform.”

kyo kohee matcha

Zen Japanese COffee Takeaway Kiosk Kyo Kohee brews up Sublimely balanced Matcha Latte

A diminutive corner shop awash in a spectrum of gentle whites and cream, tucked away under one of the pervasive skyscrapers of Tanjong Pagar — that’s KYO Kohee, a new cafe providing a small pocket of minimalist tranquillity amidst the speed of CBD life.

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lad & co fish & chips

QUaint Alfresco Vibes and Spectacular Fish & Chips at Lad & Co

My hunt for good fish & chips in Singapore can be considered cursed. Other than Cheek Bistro, which had sadly transformed into Fool Wine Bar, most disappointed. Unexpectedly, it was Lad & Co, the new Tanglin outlet of hawker-turned-bistro Lad & Dad that provided me with the Fish & Chips lovin’ that I so craved. Continue reading “Lad & Co”

grey area coffee roasters

Grey Area Coffee Roasters Finally Brings Specialty Coffee to Kampong Bahru

Passion is what leads many of us on voyages to achieve our dreams, and for the owners of Grey Area Coffee Roasters, it’s a dream come true for them when they finally opened their chic, slate-hued little slice of haven down at Kampong Bahru. Continue reading “Grey Area Coffee Roasters”

junior lim aeropress champion singapore

If You’ll Indulge Me: Junior Lim, Barista Owner of Rookie’s Coffee Shop

Baristas have always possessed a sort of devil-may-care mystique to me. “How cool would it be to be a barista?” I sometimes mused to myself while observing the maestros at work behind the counter. Now, I have Junior Lim in front of me living the dream, not only becoming a barista but also setting up his own Rookie’s Coffee Shop earlier this year. Read the full review here. Continue reading “Profile: Junior Lim, Barista Owner of Rookie’s Coffee Shop”

rookie's coffee shop review

Rookie’s Coffee Shop is an Intimate Coffee Experience with An Aeropress CHampion

“There is a method to my madness.” Said Junior, owner and head barista of the newly opened Rookie’s Coffee Shop at Queensway. The usual bells and whistles of a typical new cafe opening aren’t present — the space is as unpretentious as you can get. (Read my interview and profile piece on Junior here.) Continue reading “Rookie’s Coffee Shop”

Entre-Nous Creperie Warms the Heart with Simple and Homely Authenticity

French in Singapore is commonly associated with leanings of grandeur and a mis-en-sense of tables set with starched white linen — but that doesn’t have to be the case. Entre-Nous Creperie demonstrates that the rustic, homely side of French food divorced from all the frou-frou has its charm too. Continue reading “Entre-Nous Creperie”

fraser street brothers bagels

Groove out at Fraser Street Brothers with vibrant vibes & Charming NY Bagels

Chic minimalist cafes are a sight of a bygone era as the trend reached critical mass, leading many new cafes to move away while opting to add more personality to their decors. In this new wave of cafes, the new Fraser Street Brothers perhaps stand out the most with its vibrant orange and blue colour palette. 

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burnt ends bakery donuts

Super hyped and Fluffy donuts from Burnt Ends Bakery

Burnt Ends is perhaps known by every foodie in Singapore for its stunning roast meats and amazing sanger burger. But did you know Burnt Ends also had a bakery that churned out arguably the best donuts in Singapore?

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