the goodburger singapore

The Goodburger’s Meatless Burgers are real good shit

Burgers are possibly one of the most beloved food items out there —  unless you are vegan. But gone were the days of switching out meat for portobello. Welcome to the 21st century where trailblazers like The Goodburger grill up succulent plant-based alternative patties in Singapore. Continue reading “The Goodburger”

meatsmith little india review

Meatsmith Little India’s Pursuit of Mod Indian Ingenuity May have Some Basics Forgotten

Quiz any discerning gourmand in Singapore on their top restauranteur groups, and the conversation always steers towards one particular name — Unlisted Collection. Hardly surprising, considering their stable of Michelin-starred restaurants and mould-breaking concepts. Given the reliability of the UC name, I was undoubtedly excited for the exciting flavours set to be on display at Meatsmith Little India. Continue reading “Meatsmith Little India”

the social outcast grandstand beef ribs

Manic Pixie Dream Grill at The Social Outcast’s New Grandstand Home

The Grandstand — it’s a name not often associated with food adventures. We’re talking about making an irksome journey all the way down to the far-flung suburbs of Bukit Timah, after all. However, if there’s one thing that can sell you on the arduous voyage, it’ll be the Japanese-fusion grill restaurant, The Social Outcast.

Continue reading “The Social Outcast”

Kin Hoi’s thai grilled meats are so good there’s a money-back guarantee

If you’re looking for a change of pace for authentic Thai cuisine in Singapore beyond your typical mookatas and boat noodles, Kin Hoi at Holland Village is a good choice for an authentic jolt of Thai flavours. Continue reading “Kin Hoi”